ADP Papers


Beijing, China, August 4, 2009.


Part 2: Advanced ADP papers

These papers are more theoretical and represent the development of ADP and should be read very carefully. More papers can be found by searching IEEE Xplore or SCI database using keywords "dynamic programming" or "optimal control".


An old paper

Widrow 1973 paper about "critic"

ADP for Continuous-Time Systems

Murray and Saeks 2002 SMCC

Abu-Khalaf 2005 Automatica

Tao Cheng 2007 Autamatica

Tao Cheng 2007 TNN

Hanselmann 2007 TNN

Tassa 2007 TNN

Wunsch 2008 SMCB

Ferrari 2008 SMCB

Vrabie 2009 Automatica

Vrabie 2009 NN

Vamvoudakis 2010 Automatica

Huaguang 2011 TNN

Jiang 2012 Automatica for linear systems

ADP for Discrete-Time Systems

Zheng Chen 2008 TNN

Al-Tamimi 2008 SMCB

Huaguang 2008 SMCB

Dierks 2009 NN

Huaguang 2009 TNN

Busoniu 2010 Automatica

Kulkarny 2010 NN

Fei-Yue 2011 TNN

Huaguang 2011 TNN

Lewis 2011 SMCB

Qinglai Wei 2012 NN

Ding Wang 2012 Neurocomputing

Derong 2012 TASE

Ding Wang 2012 Automatica

Papers related to Relaxed Dynamic Programming

Rantzer and Johansson TAC

Hedlund and Rantzer 2002 TAC

Prajna and Rantzer 2004 TAC

Lincoln and Rantzer 2006 TAC

Rantzer 2006 IET-CTA

Grune and Rantzer 2008 TAC

Lee, Cho, Hsiao, Chao, and Fang 2008 TPWRS

Rinehart, Dahleh, and Kolmanovsky 2009 TAC

Papers on ADP and Zero-Sum Games

Abu-Khalaf 2006 TAC

Al-Tamimi 2007 Automatica

Abu-Khalaf 2008 TNN

Vrabie 2011 JCTA

Zhong-Ping Jiang 2011 TNN

Huaguang 2011 Automatica