ADP Papers


Beijing, China, May 1, 2012.


Part 4: Applications of ADP

ADP has been applied to many fields.


Cox 1999 IJRNC Autolander

Wunsch 2001 Fed-batch fermentor

Balakrishnan 2002 Agile missile

Lendaris 2003 Intelligent supply chain

Venayagamoorthy 2003 Turbogenerators

Jennie 2003 Helicopter

Derong 2005 CDMA cellular networks

Jong Min Lee 2005 Control of nonlinear processes

Chuan-Kai Lin 2005 Adaptive critic autopilot design

Venayagamoorthy 2007 Nonuniform optimal quantizer designs for speech coding

Wei-Song Lin 2008 Wheeled mobile robot

Derong 2008 Engine control

Jennie 2008 Damping oscillations in a large power system

Harley 2009 Coordinated reactive power control of a large wind farm

Weissensteiner 2009 investment strategies

Zhao Sun 2010 Energy minimization of portable video communication devices

Iftekharuddin 2011 Transformation invariant on-line target recognition

Dongbin Zhao 2011 Ramp metering

Derong Energy system control and management