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Computational Intelligence Laboratory

Keywords: Liu, D. Liu, Derong Liu, computational intelligence, intelligent systems, intelligent control, reinforcement learning, machine learning, adaptive critic designs, ACDs, neuro-dynamic programming, NDP, approximate dynamic programming, asymptotic dynamic programming, adaptive dynamic programming, ADP, neural networks, recurrent neural networks, cellular neural networks, CNNs, associative memories, control systems, nonlinear dynamical systems, multimedia, traffic control, call admission control, CAC, traffic modeling, performance analysis, wireless networks, cellular networks, CDMA wireless networks, power control, broadband networks, ATM networks, video processing, financial engineering

Welcome from Professor Derong Liu

Welcome to the Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois near downtown Chicago, Illinois. This laboratory was established in August 1999. The purpose of setting up such a laboratory is to provide a lab that supports a research program which strives to bring together the results of academic research in the field of computational intelligence and the problems encountered in engineering practice. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send e-mail to

Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL)

The mission of CIL is to develop methods, tools, and technology for the design and implementation of learning systems which mimic the learning process of humans, and apply them to real world problems. The goal is to solve complex engineering problems which are difficult to deal with using conventional approaches. Current application areas include traffic control/management in telecommunication networks and learning control methodologies for automotive engines, among others. The emphasis in CIL is on collaboration with researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. Some of the current projects in the laboratory are:

Computational Intelligence

Computational Neuroscience

Intelligent Control and Learning Control

This laboratory contains a cluster of multimedia Pentium PCs. The laboratory is located in 910 SEO.

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