Derong Liu's Former Ph.D. Students



Thesis Title

Current Position

Hongwen MaPh.D./2017 Distributed consensus control with event-triggered mechanism Huawei
Chao LiPh.D./2017 Continuous-time adaptive dynamic programming with applications to control of complex systems Huawei
Guang ShiPh.D./2017 Analysis and optimization of building energy consumption based on neural networks Beijing
Pengfei YanPh.D./2016 Data-based system analysis and adaptive optimal controller design University of Science and Technology Beijing
Shu WangPh.D./2016 Truthful double auction mechanisms for heterogeneous spectrums and spectrum group-buying New Jersey
Hongliang LiPh.D./2015 Data-Based Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control and Differential Games Tecent
Xiong YangPh.D./2014 Adaptive Optimal Control for Nonlinear Systems Based on Reinforcement Learning Tianjin University
Yingying MaPh.D./2014 Optimal Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks and Utility Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks Liaoning University
Dehua ZhangPh.D./2013 Neural-Network-Based Adaptive Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems Henan University
Yuzhu HuangPh.D./2013 Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems with Applications Tsinghua
Zhuo WangPh.D./2013 Data-Based Analysis and Control for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Beihang University
Ding WangPh.D./2012 Neural Network-based Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Control of Nonlinear Systems CASIA
Ning JinPh.D./2011 Neural Network-based epsilon-Adaptive Dynamic Programming and epsilon-Optimal Control for Nonlinear Systems UIC
Ting HuangPh.D./2011 Neural and Learning Approaches for Automotive Engine Control and Residential Energy System Optimization Parker Hannifin
Zhongyu PangPh.D./2007 Sleep Disorder Classification and Epileptic Seizure Prediction by Neural Networks and Particle Filters Eagle 7 Trading
Xiaoxu XiongPh.D./2006 Subtle Signal Discoveries in Unaligned Molecular Sequences Using Self-Organizing Neural Networks Australia
Sanqing HuPh.D./2006 Blind Source Separation and Algorithm Analysis Hangzhou Dianzi University
Ying CaiPh.D./2006 Orthogonal Array-Based Optimization Method with Applications to Wireless Systems and Power Systems Motorola
Yi ZhangPh.D./2004 Call Admission Control Policies for CDMA Cellular Networks: Adaptive Approach and Self-Learning Approach Boston University
Sergio LedesmaPh.D./2000 Analysis and Synthesis of Self-Similar Network Traffic Guanajuato State University, Mexico
Endre I. SaraPh.D./1999 MPEG Video Traffic Modeling for ATM Networks Goldman Sachs
Zanjun LuPh.D./1999 Synthesis of Neural Networks for Associative Memories Syncsort Inc.
Myron E. HohilPh.D./1998 Linear Programming for Minimization of Neural Networks with Binary Inputs Business Plus Corporation
John C. Kiss Ph.D./1996Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations via Multidimensional Wave Digital Filter Techniques General Dynamics Corporation

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